Get your own personalized painting! This is only for physical acrylic paintings. Digital Paintings and Sketches are not yet available.


Very limited spots available.


All pieces are made with acrylic paint. Depending on the complexity of the piece, it will take 1-3 months to complete. Prices include shipping and handling. After the piece ships, it is not my responsibility. I pack my commissions with care, if it is damaged or lost during shipping it is out of my hands.  All pieces will be stamped with my custom wax seal for authentication. 


The entire cost is due upfront. I do not do installment plans. Please note, due to the nature of this product we will remain in consistent communication and I will regularly send updates. 


No returns, no refunds. You will be able to adjust certain aspects during the process because I will be in communication with you. You cannot change the entire idea but whatever you choose to start with, we can adjust. 


After purchase I will email you directly to discuss your idea. If you didn't read the whole post and ask me to do something I cannot and/or will not do, you will not get a refund. Reading is fundamental.



  • One subject for 16x20 pieces, maximum of two subjects for 30x40. 
  • I do not do full bodies for 16x20 pieces. The image size is too small to be effective. Canvas Panels are flat panels with a canvas texture, I prefer to work with them instead of stretched canvases because they will not get damaged during shipping & they fit well into frames. 
  • I can do multiple art styles,  please scroll through the provided images to see my traditional art style. If you do not see anything that speaks to you, click here to see my entire portfolio.
  • I do not do anime or superhero art. I am not good at it and I dont want to waste your time
  • If you do not have high quality studio images to provide as a reference, please provide as many images of the subject as possible. I cannot paint an unclear image, so please try and provide clear references. 
  • You are responsible for measuring your space. 
  • I WILL NOT PAINT ANY VICTIMS OF POLICE BRUTALITY ETC unless you are a family member. Do NOT ask for a painting of Breonna Taylor or George Floyd. Its unethical for me to sell their likeness to you for any reason.
  • Nude images are fine but i will NOT do violence. I also do not like making negative art, so if any of your art is "fuck trump-esque" I won't do it because I don't want to spend a large amount of my time looking at something so depressing.  I will not do BLM violence depictions either, I do not want to paint any dead black people. 

Acrylic Painting Commission