How to: Revive Dried Paint-Brushes

I am terrible (!!!) at keeping my brushes clean. The upside to cleaning your brushes immediately after you're done painting (and keeping them wet while you're working), is that they wont become rock hard. I have also noticed that leaving the brushes in a cup of water for long periods of time will loosen the glue that holds the brush piece to the handle. This can probably be fixed with rubber cement, hot glue or super glue. I typically just throw them away.

Anyways, on to the tutorial!

What you're going to need:

-Nail polish remover (it doesn't require acetone but acetone works faster)

-A cup

-Your jacked up brushes.

Put a few caps of nail polish remover in a cup and put your jacked up brushes in it. Let it sit for about a minute and then slowly work the nail polish remover through the bristles with your fingers. Remember that the solution does evaporate over time, so you may have to add more depending on how long this takes. After you’ve loosened the dried paint, use soap and water to finish and ensure that there is no pigment left.

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