Art Tip: Canvases vs. Canvas Panels

Canvas Panels (in my opinion), are much better than canvases for beginners and people who sell art regularly . If you don't already know, a canvas panel is “a blank white surface mounted on a stiff board”. The surface has the same texture as a regular canvas, but its essentially glued to a piece of hard cardboard.

There are multiple advantages to this instead of a stretched canvas:

-Since it isnt stretched, it wont loosen over time

-canvas panels cannot be punctured during painting or shipping

-light doesnt shine through the canvas, so colors appear thicker.

-cheaper than stretched canvases

-Easy to frame!!!

I hate seeing canvases with 1.5” depth hung on walls. They look so naked and sickly. Canvas panels typically come in standard frame sizes and will slide snugly into regular depth frames. It looks fantastic, it ships flat and theres no threat of your piece being punctured or damaged during shipping.

Definitely look into transitioning to canvas panels, theyre incredible!

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